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An advantage of laser cutting is the transforming a flat sheet of metal into clean, precise parts with different characteristics without extra tooling. Precision laser cut parts achieve greater quality consistency due to the ability to hold tight tolerances. Laser cutting is a fast, repeatable and highly accurate process providing more efficient production.

CNC Laser Cutter – LVD Strippit, Lynx FL – 3015 Capabilities:  The Lynx FL high speed fiber laser cutter combines excellent cut quality with flexibility, allowing for the processing a wide variety of material and thicknesses. The Lynx is equipped with an automatic pallet changer allowing for unloading as a new sheet is being processed, maximizing uptime.

Carbon steel – up to .75” plate
Stainless steel – up to .50” plate
Aluminum – up to .375”
All Sheet Sizes: 60” x 120”


CNC Laser Cutter – LVD Strippit, Orion 3015 Plus Capabilities: Orion’s design delivers the laser beam to the cutting head in the most efficient and cost-effective manner and provides full access to the system for good visibility.

Carbon steel – up to .75”
Stainless steel – up to .50”
Aluminum – up to .375”
All Sheet Sizes: 60” x 120”

LVD Strippet Orion with Load System

Orion Automatic Load/Unload System: Minimizes manual sheet handling and increases productivity and efficiency. The load/unload system handles sheets as large as 120”x 60” with a maximum pallet capacity of 5,000 lbs.

Time Saver

Time Saver Industrial Sander: 36” Double Head Abrasive Belt Deburring/Finishing Sander Opening 0 – 8” with motorized part thickness adjustment. Infeed and outfeed spring holddown rolls with variable speed motor. Donaldson/Torit Vibra Shake Dust Collector includes two stage cartridge for high-efficiency filtration on both course and fine metals.

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