Effective November 1, 2017 DMP entered partnership with principals of Novum Medical Products of WNY, LLC (“Novum”). Novum provides steel based medical components and furnishings to the healthcare industry including pediatric cribs and beds, medical carts, overbed tables, IV poles and more.

The Novum ownership entered the medical field by acquiring pediatric product line from a local company in 2008 and has since expanded operations to provide equipment solutions beyond hospital cribs and bassinets. Novum has an outstanding history of suppling quality stainless steel products as well as other medical products to its customers.

Our concept was simple; combine DMP’s over 70 years of quality metal fabrication experience and capability with Novum’s outstanding reputation as a medical products manufacturer and provider along with its national and international sales channels to provide quality products to the medical marketplace.

The two companies’ combined resources allow for close management of all aspects of customers’ requirements, including design, fabrication, assembly, quality control, and on-time delivery to improve the customer experience.  This has helped to facilitate Novum’s growth over the past three years. Still, more recently, it allowed Novum to quickly respond to their customers as they reacted to the unprecedented surge requirements brought on by Covid-19.

As a result, DMP and Novum can efficiently manage a greater segment of the medical products supply chain to deliver “quality products on time” at a fair price to end users.

Both DMP and Novum have achieved the quality certification ISO 9001:2015 as evidence of the ongoing commitment to quality operations.

See some of our latest work for examples of Novum products fabricated by DMP.